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Linwood Avenue Union Church

Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust was established by Linwood Avenue Union Church in October of 1998. The Trust operates from the Church premises but is financially independent.


Linwood Avenue

Linwood Avenue Union Church is a friendly and diverse Christian community, welcoming of ANYONE and EVERYONE. Our church is made up of a diverse group of people who prefer to gather around the things that bring us together instead of dwelling on things that divide us. Our history is firmly embedded in that ethos. We are a Union Church, which means we are two or more Christian traditions that have come together as one. Our particular union is made up of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Christian Churches New Zealand (formerly known as Churches of Christ), so our very heartbeat as a community of faith is firmly collaborative and ecumenical.

We see ourselves, and hope to be seen, very much as a part of our local community. We set up the Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust over 20 years ago to better assist the needs of our community through wider and professional means that our church might not be able to provide on our own. We did and still do this because we see our mission and ministry as something bigger than gathering for worship on a Sunday morning, and we understand that sharing the Good News of God’s love, forgiveness and redemption, can be done in multiple ways, including very practical ways like providing food, advocacy, community, and fellowship, all with the overall blessing of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

We’d love for you to come and see us. Jonathan is usually in the office Tuesday-Friday if you need to speak to our minister, and our congregation meets for worship at 10am on Sundays.

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